Metal Spiral Staircase Tips and Design Suggestions: Perfect for Your Apache Junction AZ Home!

    JM Custom Iron Work creates the kind of metal spiral staircases Apache Junction AZ needs, using high-quality materials, amazing workmanship, and unique stylistic looks to make your iron spiral staircases Apache Junction AZ projects stand out. With the help of our team, you can transform your home or business and create the look you need: no matter what the cost! On that note, here are a few really awesome ideas you might want to try when working with us this year.

    Contrasting Step Colors: A Bold Look

    Over the years, our team at JM Custom Iron Work has created some truly fun and exciting metal spiral staircases that Apache Junction, AZ residents love. One of our most popular options is alternate-colored stairs… which produce a mesmerizing style that will definitely catch your eye.

    What approach can you or should you take? How about very bright colors with neutral tones? Or colors that heavily contrast…the choice is yours! We urge you to really trust your intuition — and ours — when trying this approach. You’ll probably surprise yourself…especially if you have design experience.

    How contrasting should you get here? Well, that will vary depending on your boldness. Some people really shouldn’t go too wild (it could make your home unappealing when selling it), while others will go nuts — especially if they plan on staying — so talk with us and let us know what you want!

    Rail-Free Look: Great in Safe Areas

    We know what you’re thinking: how can rail-free iron spiral staircases Apache Junction AZ designs be safe in the slightest? Well, if you put your stairs in a pretty tight area (such as in a small closet that leads upstairs), you can get rid of your rails and create a pretty cool style that you may love.

    What’s the benefit here? Well, it’s certainly a unique look—few people go for it—but also a material saver. Instead of having to put up lots and lots of (obviously very safe) rails on your staircase, you use none. That saves time and money and can cut back on your expenses: not bad at all.

    Warning: You shouldn’t try this approach unless you’re absolutely sure you’re safe! The stair area should be tight with walls (for stability) and minimal risk. Needless to say, if you have kids or pets, you should stay away from this option. Doing so should keep you safe.

    Loose Corners: Better for Larger Spaces

    JM Custom Iron Work has installed metal spiral staircases Apache Junction AZ projects in almost every area you can imagine. For example, we’ve actually added them in spots with pretty open floor plans and used gentle — or loose — turns to produce a more open style that people love.

    Now, obviously, spiral stairs are designed for more compact areas…do looser corners defeat their purpose? Not at all, but you can easily mix it up, depending on your needs: remember, we’re a CUSTOM stair team! That means whatever you want, we’re sure to know how to do it!

    Wood Stairs: Stain is Your Friend!

    When we say stain, don’t worry: we’re not talking about pouring anything damaging on your iron spiral staircases Apache Junction AZ projects! Instead, we’ll add a wood-grain stain — similar to a paint — on your stairs and railings while still using our trademark iron materials.

    We’ll help you choose a color (particularly focusing on your metal’s natural hue) to get the look you want. It honestly shouldn’t be that hard…there are so many options here that you can probably get a fantastic look relatively easily and transform your stairs into an amazing experience.

    The great thing about this approach is its diversity! You can create beautiful styles with your rails by keeping the natural metal look (i.e., we won’t add any stain) to produce a wonderful contrast. You could also add different wood stain hues: it’s all up to you, so just let us know what you want.

    The Best is Yet to Come With Us!

    JM Custom Iron Work provides easily the best metal spiral staircases Apache Junction AZ has ever seen — at more than reasonable prices — and we truly love what we do! For some teams who install iron spiral staircases Apache Junction AZ designs, this is a mere job: for us, it’s a calling! That helps us stand apart from other contractors and should help you give us the nod over others. Don’t hesitate to call us at (480) 933-2433 to set up your appointment and learn more about your choices.

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