Common Spiral Staircase Issues: How We Can Help You Manage All of These

    JM Custom Iron Work is known for installing the best spiral staircases Queen Creek AZ has ever seen, but did you know that we can also provide repair and maintenance for your stairs as well? With years of experience behind our backs, we’ve seen just about every stair-damage problem you can imagine and are more than ready to help you handle it. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of common issues that may trigger stair damage: read through them to ensure you know what’s up.

    Age: The Most Persistent Issue 

    JM Custom Iron Work has installed many spiral staircases Queen Creek AZ projects over the years, including some of the oldest in the state. As a result, we know the number-one cause of spiral stair issues: aging. Put simply, age takes everything in the end…even high-quality and well-constructed stairs.

    Thankfully, our team of experts (a skilled and licensed team of pros) can help! We understand how much time savages your stairs — we’ve seen it all before — and will either a) repair your stairs or b) replace them. Maintenance is also possible, but replacement is far more likely when stairs age out.

    Rust: It Can Happen With Time

    JM Custom Iron Work provides high-quality treatments that keep your amazing spiral staircases Queen Creek AZ projects from rusting. That said, it’s also common for older or damaged staircases to have exposed metal surfaces that could easily rust…especially if the treatments wear off.

    Well, check this out: we know how to reapply your rust sealants using high-quality processes that keep your metal surfaces strong and durable. That kind of protection — done with the same professional aplomb we bring to every project — will keep you and yours safe for years to come.

    Faulty Installation: Shockingly Common

    When you don’t work with JM Custom Iron Work for your spiral stairs installation, there’s a good chance that you’re not working with the best possible team. As a result, your stairs might be…how do we put it tactfully? Very poorly set up is probably the most accurate description. 

    We’re not trying to run down or insult other teams: we know they probably try their best. But when it comes to being “the best,” there’s only one contractor who qualifies — us. So, if you think that bad installation steps have devastated your spiral staircases…you know who to call, right?

    Structural Imperfections: Frustratingly Persistent

    JM Custom Iron Work has seen lots of staircases that simply don’t have the structural strength that they should possess. There are a few reasons why your spiral staircases Queen Creek AZ projects would lack strength, including a) inferior materials, b) poor maintenance, and c) bad workmanship done by questionable contractors.

    Whatever the case, our team can help you by assessing the issue and quickly finding a solution. Once we know what to do — we should spot the concern pretty fast — we will replace or repair your staircase, depending on the situation. Our promise to you: it’ll be better when we’re done! We pay close attention to all our work and make sure it meets your exacting needs.

    Previous Repair Issues: Another Surprising Issue

    It’s something we’ve seen a lot: a repair team thinks that they know what they’re doing with your stairs but…they don’t. Or perhaps they do but just can’t handle the process properly. We know how frustrating that can be (you trusted a contractor and they failed you) and we’re here to say that we can do the repairs that they apparently could not do without messing up.

    Like a superhero swooping down to save the day, we’ll come to your home, figure out what happened with your staircase, and save the day! We’ll overcome the supervillains of poor workmanship with our superpowers of amazing workmanship, serious work quality, and dedicated expertise. With our help, you can overcome past repair problems and keep your stairs strong.

    We’re the Best Spiral Staircase Team Around

    JM Custom Iron Work is easily the best and most trusted spiral staircases Queen Creek AZ contractor in the area: with many years of experience, fantastic customer service, and a deep understanding of damage triggers, we’re here for you! Don’t hesitate to call us at (480) 933-2433 if you’re stuck and unsure what repair support you need. With the help of our team of hands-on experts, you can keep your stairs as strong as possible for many, many years: we promise.

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