Why Spiral Stair Maintenance is Such a Smart Investment

    JM Custom Iron Work is known for crafting exterior spiral staircases Gold Canyon AZ residents can trust at a price they can afford. We’re dedicated to not only installing the finest outdoor spiral staircases Gold Canyon AZ ever but maintaining them for you as well! We can also help you better understand the maintenance process (it’s not as complex as you might think) to ensure that a) you get the beautiful stairs that you need and b) keep them stronger for longer, no matter what.

    Cleaning Your Stairs

    JM Custom Iron Work knows how to install exterior spiral staircases Gold Canyon AZ can trust and will also help you when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them! After all, dirt, dust, mold, mildew, and other debris can easily spread (especially dust) on stairs and become a real tripping hazard.

    Even worse, mold and mildew (particularly the former issue) can cause real structural damage to stairs…they’ll work their way into the metal and potentially seriously damage it. Don’t let this happen to you! Falling through a stair is no laughing matter: we’re here to make sure you prevent it.

    Checking for Structural Problems

    When properly installed, the best outdoor spiral staircases Gold Canyon AZ designs should last for years without obvious wear-and-tear issues. However, things can change — i.e., problems might develop with the structure — that you need to manage to keep your stairs strong and durable.

    Thankfully, JM Custom Iron Work knows what kind of damage problems most often impact your exterior spiral staircases Gold Canyon AZ projects. These include (minor but problematic) issues with support beams and rails. If these fail, there’s a good chance that your whole staircase could tumble.

    Even worse, a popped rail (a common issue) could cause serious injury risk…such as your child tumbling off the staircase and to the ground. Or the rail could poke someone in the side and…listen, it’s just best to contact us right away to take care of problems like these and ensure that your family is protected.

    Pay Attention to Paint/Stain

    Keeping your outdoor spiral staircases Gold Canyon AZ projects strong isn’t just about their structural support…paint, stain, and other sealants must also be watched! Why? Think of it this way: stains and paints are your staircase’s skin. Imagine trying to be healthy without skin — ouch!

    Give your staircase the TLC it needs by spotting these problems and hiring us to fix them for you! We’ll identify these bald areas (what a funny term) and apply consistent paint or stain. It might require completely painting or staining the stairs to create a consistent look. Don’t worry: it’s more than worth it for the protection that you’ll receive!

    Don’t Ignore “Shaking” Staircases

    JM Custom Iron Work has seen lots of homeowners ignore exterior spiral staircases Gold Canyon AZ maintenance for so long that the structure starts to “shake” when used. Yes, we know: you’ve probably been on cheap spiral stairs that shake. That doesn’t mean it’s normal or good!

    In fact, a shaking staircase indicates a) structural damage and b) potential complete failure! Just imagine climbing your staircase only to hang on for dear life as it collapses…yeah, we didn’t think that would sound so good! Don’t make this mistake: just get help from a contractor today!

    Call a Contractor for Help

    These steps are things you should call an outdoor spiral staircases Gold Canyon AZ contractor to handle for you! While it’s technically possible to do some things yourself (i.e. you can probably sweep your steps up if they’re dirty), getting help from a contractor — like us — will ensure you get great results

    For instance, you can call us to a) fix structural problems, b) get your stairs sturdy and free from “shakiness,” and c) paint or restain the surface. Those steps (and many others) are important to get right: so let us do it for you. We’ll set up the appointment and make sure you’re happy.

    We’re Here for You

    Our crew at JM Custom Iron Work not only understands how to install the best exterior spiral staircases Gold Canyon AZ has to offer but will go one step further and create maintenance plans that work for your needs. We’re more than ready to sit down with you, talk about the best outdoor spiral staircases Gold Canyon AZ offers, and ensure you get the support you deserve—we promise! Call us at (480) 933-2433 (our contractors are waiting) to book an inspection/installation.

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